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Education For Development Association (EFDA) is an Indigenous Non Gornmental Organization established with voluntary humanitarian individuals in 1999 and acquired legal status since then.


To see self-confident and productive community that is capable of solving their economic, social and environmental problems


To facilitate, foster and influence a process of on going change in favor of the rural poor through community based development initiatives in order to bring about a sustainable development and change in the lives of the community


To empower the community to manage their own life and environment, and work towards socio-economic development and poverty free society based on their own skill, knowledge and resources with minimum dependence on external support.

Resource Centers

EFDA Maintains training centers mainly at Shambu and Woliso. The following are the pictures of the two training centers.


Shambu Training Resource Center


Woliso Training Resource Center

 Woliso Training Resource Center

Education For Development Association (EFDA) is a nation-wide non-government and non-profit making organization established by voluntary individuals in 1999.

Pestalozzi children's Foundation (PCF) was the primary supporter in the formation of the EFDA and some of the founders of the organization were staffs of PCF. Accordingly, most of the strategic objectives of EFDA are in line with that of PCF's

Program Orientation

Education and Skill training
Cross cutting issues and HIV/AIDS
Livelihoods and Environment
Women Health and Empowerment




Guiding Principles

Accountability, Transparency
Gender sensitivity
Equality of opportunity
Collective decision making

Organizational values

Education and Information is key to change
Community knows solution to its problem
Partnership & coordinated effort towards an end
Bottom up approach to problem solving
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